We are not sanctifying the name of God when we erect church buildings, when we elaborate mystical treatises, or when we guarantee his official presence in society by means of religious symbols. His holy name is sanctified only to the extent that these expressions are related to a pure heart, a thirst for justice, and a reaching out for perfection. It is in these realities that God dwells; these are his true temple, where there are no idols. Origin said well, in commenting on this supplication of the Lord's Prayer: "They who do not strive to harmonize their conception of God with that which is just take the name of the Lord God in vain." Thus ethics constitutes the most reliable criterion for discerning whether the God we claim to sanctify is true or false.

We sanctify the name of God when by our own life, by our own actions of solidarity, we help to build more pacific and more just human relationships, cutting off access to violence and one person's exploitation of another. God is always offended when violence is done to a human being, made in his image and likeness. And God is always sanctified when human dignity is restored to the dispossessed and the victims of violence.

Leonardo Boff, Praying With Jesus and Mary