I once heard an old blues musician from Mississippi say that the most dangerous and revolutionary act on Earth is to turn people on to music. He proposed that if everyone had some mastery of a musical instrument, the world surely would be a different place.

Society and its educational institutions have done everything possible to make certain that very few of us master a musical instrument. This assures restricted access to the deepest levels of soulful being. Obedience to authoritative structures diminishes when confronted with rhythmic and melodic soul making. A conspiracy has been leveled against us. Its rhetoric elevates the importance of property rights, capital, status, employment, and college test scores. It actually has everything to do with blocking the main road to our soul. . . .

Imagine that you and everyone you know have been magically granted mastery of at least one musical instrument. You are able to play any music that enters your mind and enjoy composing for those occasions that touch you emotionally. See how the expression of music might change everything in your life. Hear yourself humming the music you would make. Imagine having dreams filled with music and sharing that music with all of your friends. See the world populated with as many music stores as there are groceries and as many music halls as there are churches and stadiums. Pretend that government as we now know it no longer exists. Instead of a president, we would have a national conductor or musical director. Instead of legislative, executive, and judicial branches, we would have branches of rhythm, melody, and harmony. Begin thinking how one might overthrow government with music.

Bradford Keeney, Shamanic Christianity