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A Prayer for Political Parties O God of Diversity, we turn to you with the question: Is it time, as Ralph Nader and others have said many times, for a third political party in the United States to keep the two major parties hones…
Links between Individual Giving and Institutions In an article appearing on the Greater Good website, Summer Allen reports on a research suggesting that our generosity might not only be shaped by the helper's high but also by our trust in the inst…
Democracy is a spiritual thing Democracy is a spiritual thing
Local Action Initiatives Recommendations for faith communities to get involved in community issues.
Dark Money An expose of how political campaigns are being funded with little or no disclosure of where the money is coming from.
A good public official A good public official
Stands Must Be Taken Teacher Wisdom "Stands must be taken. If I am to respect myself I have to search myself for what I believe is right and take a stand on what I find. Otherwise I have not gathered together what I …
Howard Zinn Speaks A call to action by Howard Zinn about the death penalty.
The Politics Industry A look at the powerful political party system in the U.S., which was not envisioned by the Founding Fathers.
A Place for Us A vision of a free space for you and me.