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The Heart of Christianity Marcus J. Borg on the various meanings of Jesus' death on the cross.
Meeting Jesus Again for the First Time Marcus J. Borg assessing the historical Jesus and the heart of contemporary faith in light of compassion.
The Heart of Christianity Marcus J. Borg on the nature of Christian spiritual practice.
Evolution of the Word A new presentation of the New Testament writings in chronological order.
Speaking Christian Marcus J. Borg on how Christianity addresses our yearning for personal transformation and our desire for a better world.
The First Paul Marcus Borg and John Dominic Crossan on St. Paul's teachings about grace as a free gift and faith as total commitment.
Speaking Christian A wake up call for churches to redeem the Christian language from its imprisonment within literalism, dogmatism, and a heaven-and-hell framework.
The First Paul A thorough study that sheds light on Paul's importance, character, and messages.
Jesus A huge and trailblazing contribution to the ongoing and unstoppable conversation about Jesus and the "way."
The First Christmas Offers a parabolic reading of the infancy narratives in the Bible.