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The Sacred Impulse James Conlon's poem Chilean Creed on the spiritual practice of hope.
Life Prayers from Around the World Kuan Tao-sheng's poem-prayer about love and life.
The Blessing Cup Rock Travnikar's prayer ritual for respecting the earth.
A World of Prayer Fethullah Gulen on writing love on the hearts of newborn babies.
Beginner's Grace Alla Renée Bozarth's poem about what prayer is.
Just Because Melannie Svoboda's prayer-poem on God as an indispensable audience of one.
Prayers to the Great Creator Julia Cameron on the heart exploring the world with wonder.
The Flame of the Heart A collection of prayers by a Chasidic teacher that demonstrate the art of pouring out one's heart to God.
Praying with Jesus and Mary Leonard Boff's poem focusing on the line Give us today our daily bread.
1000 World Prayers Roger Lesser's prayer on why questions no longer taunt him.