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A Weaving An earnest supplication to perceive and accept God's grace in our lives.
The Siddur of Shir Chadash A blessing for a home to be of holy service.
We Bless This Child A ritual invocation for God's favor and protection upon a child.
Oneness A petition for God's help in seeing the oneness beyond our differences and protection for us all.
May I Too Abide A heartfelt wish to be a means of happiness, joy, and freedom from suffering for all beings.
When I Plant Trees A hope for God's healing of earth for the sake of coming generations.
Love Wrap A petition for God's loving presence within you and surrounding you.
I Thank All An offering of gratitude for the gifts of creation.
Past, Present, Future An entreaty for healing for our world.
Earth Mother Jamie Sams prayer to truly know the blessings of the earth.