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May We Recognize the Spirit A short prayer for recognizing the presence of the sacred in everyone.
I Will Not Dishonor My Soul A vow to honor one's soul by honoring all life.
The Siddur of Shir Chadash A blessing for a home to be of holy service.
Love Wrap A petition for God's loving presence within you and surrounding you.
Oneness A petition for God's help in seeing the oneness beyond our differences and protection for us all.
A Weaving An earnest supplication to perceive and accept God's grace in our lives.
We Bless This Child A ritual invocation for God's favor and protection upon a child.
May I Too Abide A heartfelt wish to be a means of happiness, joy, and freedom from suffering for all beings.
When I Plant Trees A hope for God's healing of earth for the sake of coming generations.
I Thank All An offering of gratitude for the gifts of creation.