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Women's Spirituality
An anthology on women in ministry, sexism in the church and feminist spirituality.
A Call for Connection
A clarion call for nothing less than the transformation of society.
Shopping for Faith
A thought-provoking analysis of contemporary developments in American religion and spirituality.
Sins of the Spirit, Blessings of the Flesh
A vibrant theology of spirit that recontextualizes evil.
But God Remembered
A children's book looking at the lives of eight biblical figures.
Soul of a Citizen
Stories of ordinary people who have transformed their communities.
Bearing Witness
A profound book on the spiritual practice of peacemaking.
The Force of Character and the Lasting Life
This compelling volume shows how our character is deepened, enriched, and made meaningful by long life.
Slavery's Long Shadow
A sobering examination of lingering racial hatred and violence.
Holy Clues
Reveals the great detective as a Zen master of attention.