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Like a Diamond A fine example of non-attachment and equanimity in marriage.
The Joy of the Sabbath A story about being nurtured by an awareness of the Sabbath.
The Crying Tree A teaching story about asking permission before taking only what you need.
At the Movies Remarks about listening like we're at the movies.
Joyfully Losing Arguments in Daily Life Insights from Tibetan Buddhism and contemporary psychology to apply to everyday life.
Not Theirs But Ours Commentary on developing compassion for those we don't know.
Shared Humanity Advice on opening to suffering and our shared humanity.
The Spiritual Firepower of Empathy A teaching story about the empathy of a noble and tender heart.
Dignity on the Corner Insight into putting our best foot forward when interacting with strangers.
Opening to the Opposing View A proposal for "trying on" opposing views with a friend.