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God Is Near Michael Morwood on God's love dwelling within us if we live in love.
Messages from Amma Amma, the hugging saint, shares her thoughts on grace (book edited by Janine Canan).
Spiritual Notes to Myself A prayer of unity with God.
The Return of the Mother Unspools ample evidence of the Sacred Feminine in Hinduism, Buddhism, Sufism, Taoism, Christianity, and the indigenous traditions.
God at the Edge Spells out his unusual vision of Judaism.
The Fingerprints of God Examines the diverse images of God over the course of Christendom.
In Search of Belief A pathbreaking resource for Christian educators to study and use in parishes.
Things in Heaven and Earth Essays by Christian writers elucidating their faith in the Divine presence.
Hindu Wisdom for All God's Children Proves that Hindu wisdom can nourish those of any faith, expanding our horizons and deepening our spiritual practice of devotion.
The Elements of Hinduism Maintains that believers in this tradition are metaphysicians at heart.