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Doris Grumbach in Fifty Days of Solitude Quakers. During their worship service
Flash Prayer Betty Shannon Cloyd on ways to help children talk to God.
May All Be Loved A sincere supplication for friends and foes alike.
Flowing Light A nurturing prayer, inviting light to the body, a part of this world, or the whole earth.
The Holy Spirit and the Energy of Mindfulness Thich Nhat Hanh's hospitality to Jesus and Christianity.
Marianne Williamson in A Return to Love We're all assigned a piece of garden
Daily Lectio Divina Advice and learning snippets about practicing Lectio Divina.
Body Blessing for Lent A ritual to use during a Lenten prayer service.
May We Recognize the Spirit A short prayer for recognizing the presence of the sacred in everyone.
Until Our Work Is Done A devotional prayer for an urban congregation.