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Thomas Merton An examination of the spiritual odyssey of this extraordinary Trappist monk.
Lectio Divina Useful information on the time-honored Christian practice of listening to God by an intentional and measured reading of the Bible.
The Monks of Mount Athos A fascinating account of the author's four-month visit in 1978.
Lectio Divina M. Basil Pennington on the spiritual practice of devotion as spun out in Lectio Divina.
Living in the Question A rich resource opening us to a new understanding of God, ourselves, others, and the world.
True Self/False Self An illuminating work on the spiritual practice of transformation.
Monastic Journey to India A soul-stirring account of the author's pilgrimage in a nation attuned to the holy and the holy person.
The Monks of Mount Athos M. Basil Pennington on his devotional life.
Listening Spiritual reflections to spark daily meditation.
M. Basil Pennington A profile with bibliography and distinctive contributions to spirituality of M. Basil Pennington, Trappist monk, interpreter of the Christian monastic tradition, and one of the founders of the centeri…