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Life During Wartime An oddly affecting drama about three sisters and their quest for happiness amidst moments of hurting, hating, and healing.
Mysterious Skin Reveals the pain and suffering wrought by sex offenders who prey upon children.
This Boy's Life How a resilient teenager survives childhood trauma and adversity through independence, anger, and creativity.
North Country A compelling drama set in a 1989 Minnesota mining community where the misogyny and chauvinism in the workplace will make your blood boil
The Woodsman A complex tale that severely tests the limits of our empathy and compassion.
Lilya 4-Ever A compelling and disturbing film about an abandoned Russian teenager who finds herself an unwilling victim in the global sex trade.
Once Were Warriors Speaks volumes about the self-destructriveness of peoples who have turned their rage inward.
Priest A hard-hitting film about some of the challenges facing clergy making it clear that there is no future for any church that disregards forgiveness.
All That I Am (Alt det jeg er) An emotionally touching documentary on the toxic damages of child abuse on the victim and those closest to them.
Bliss A mesmerizing Turkish film about the mysteries of human nature.