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Reposition Yourself Reflections T. D. Jakes on living your life without limits, but accepting there are risks.
Moments of Grace Christopher de Vinck on how May Sarton helped him not to abandon his loneliness.
The Angelic Way Rabbi Rami Shapiro on the myths of angels that are calling us to a divine adventure.
Elmer and the Whales A feel-good picture book about two lucky elephants.
Empathy Roman Krznaric on how empathy opens many doors to a new life of caring and compassion.
The Way of the Traveler Joseph Dispenza on traveling as a spiritual practice and inner journey.
Shadow A children's book that heralds the imaginative play of a little girl who has an adventure in the attic of her home.
The Optimystic's Handbook Terry Lynn Taylor and Mary Beth Crain on how security can take us away from our real purpose.
We Pledge Our Hearts A poem by Edward Searl about being present.
The Chocolate Cake Sutra A challenge to each of us to become adventurers and take on whatever feeds us in the deepest possible way.