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Necessary Endings Henry Cloud on people staying stuck without the ability to end things.
Listening With Empathy Empathy, listening, and service of others touted as positive qualities in the business world.
A Revolution in Kindness Envisions what society would look like if people were kind to each other.
Take This Job and Love It An exceptionally fine book on work as an opportunity for sacred meaning, enlightenment, and service of others.
The Politics Industry A look at the powerful political party system in the U.S., which was not envisioned by the Founding Fathers.
It's in the Bag An entertaining book on women and their purses, their emotional firepower, and crucial role in boosting self-esteem.
World on Fire Keen insights into reasons why America is hated and resented by millions of people.
Branded An edifying and frightening overview of the immense impact of corporations and advertising agencies on the minds, bodies, and souls of today's young people.
Body Toxic A terrifying memoir about the dangers of living in a landscape poisoned by industrial and nuclear wastes.
The Dignity of Difference Makes a good case for the spiritual practice of hospitality in a world of global religious and economic strife.