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Black Jack Probes the mythos about mental illness.
Stolen Childhoods Makes the point that we are all one family and the degradation and slavery of one child working in horrible conditions diminishes us all.
Ciao, Professore! A diligent northern Italian school teacher and his attempts to do his job well.
Pavee Lackeen A harrowing film portrait of a ten-year old Irish Traveller whose life is constricted by poverty and prejudice.
Noble The true story of charity founder Christina Noble's empathy in action.
I'm Not Scared An Italian film about a pint-sized hero in a small poor village where the adults are acting very strange and hiding something.
The Butterfly (Le Papillon) A fine French film about a cross-generational friendship between a cranky entomologist and a lonely little girl yearning for some attention.
Shrek A witty and heart-warming animated comedy about some lovable losers who prove that inner beauty is the true asset in a world where quick judgments all too often cause untold pain.
Louisa May Alcott's Little Men A family film bold enough to cherish the inherent goodness of all children and to honor the virtues of nonviolence, honesty and compassion.
Mondo A ten-year old gypsy boy's zest for life has a salutary effect on a small community.