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Neither Wolf nor Dog A Native American elder on sharing our wealth and revering all people (in a book by Kent Nerburn)
A Book of Courtesy Sister M. Mercedes on how simple acts of kindness can contribute to a better world.
Tattoos on the Heart Gregory Boyle on assuming that the answer to almost every question is compassion.
The Wisdom of Sam Daniel Gottlieb on empathy as a saving grace in a cruel and competitive world.
Mindful Compassion Paul Gilbert and Choden on opening our hearts to others.
Wrestling with Grace Robert Corin Morris on spiritual practices Christians can adopt to deepen their experience of God.
The Bodhisattva Vow Practices to develop the altruistic intention.
Ordinary Grace Examines the practices of compassion, altruism, and empathy in the lives of ordinary people.
The Empathy Exams Leslie Jamison on how empathy is a choice we make to extend ourselves.
Your Sixth Sense An invaluable resource for those who want to deepen and expand their psychic and intuitive abilities.