This is an invaluable resource for those who want to deepen and expand their psychic and intuitive abilities. The author, a psychotherapist and psychic intuitive, believes that psi ("the knowing and sensing that overleaps logic, analysis and rational thought") is an opening of the heart that connects us to others.

There are many routes to activating psi including inborn tendencies, experiences of trauma and abuse, near-death experiences, direct induction from other psychics, and falling in love or heartbreak. Naparstek is convinced that certain key components provide a seedbed for psi — consistent place and posture, a clear mind, sacred space, belief, intuition, and an open heart. Throughout the book, she includes insights from 43 intuitives she interviewed. For the more scientifically inclined, Naparstek has a chapter explaining the physics of ESP.

The final chapters are practical, presenting guided imagery exercises as a vehicle for psychic development and a list of specific things one can do to cultivate and maintain psi. Naparstek's emphasis upon the spiritual guidelines of openheartedness, empathy, and compassion is what sets Your Sixth Sense apart from other books in this genre.