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Age of Anger An explanation of how dissatisfaction with elitism has spawned violence.
Two Nations A classic work on the realities and consequences of racism in the United States.
Up Above and Down Below A top-of-the-line children's book about living with differences and celebrating commonalities.
Listening to the Light A substantive overview of Quaker faith and practice.
Freedom We Sing An exuberant, colorful, love-filled story that conveys the experience of embracing freedom.
The Battle Hymn of the Republic A call-to-arms of a different sort.
Heaven Is a Place on Earth Desires for a more perfect world that result in communal living.
Resurrection Hope The vision of God’s just future.
A Call for Revolution His Holiness the Dalai Lama on needed realizations and commitments.
Living the Quaker Way A solid and substantive guide to the Quaker path and its five essential building blocks.