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Philip Gulley in Porch Talk He came to my house to express his gratitude
Philip Gulley in Porch Talk The parenthesis of silence,
Philip Gulley A profile with bibliography and distinctive contributions to spirituality of Philip Gulley, author, speaker, and Quaker pastor.
Philip Gulley in Porch Talk Marry someone you can be silent with
If the Church Were Christian An imaginative vision of what the church might look like if it truly incarnated what Jesus taught and how he lived.
If the Church Were Christian Quaker Philip Gulley on questions as a necessary tool in our spiritual evolution.
Unlearning God A witty and wise affirmation of faith that is open, expansive, playful, questing, and hospitable.
Hometown Tales Philip Gulley's humorous look at the nurturing of bath-taking.
Living the Quaker Way Philip Gulley on how questions are central to the Quaker path.
The Evolution of Faith A look into the transformation of Christianity into a more compassionate, open, reconciling, and loving community.