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Red Fire An inspiring fantasy that will speak to your heart about a girl from a small town that resists change and her mysterious and magical journey from fear to love.
Lion Country Novel about a knight of faith who bestows the lilt of life to those he meets.
The Holy Man A parabolic gem about a spiritual teacher who resides in a no-frills monastery.
Jackson's Dilmema A novel dealing with the course of love which cannot be fabricated or controlled.
Slowness A fascinating novel that offers a critique of speed and missing all the details in everyday experience.
Doctor Detroit A sassy comic tale about transformation.
The Gospel of the Beloved Disciple A novel about Jesus of Nazareth, an antihero who shuns notoriety and teaches by parables.
Comedians An accomplished and ethically rich collection of short stories and one novella.
Thy Brother's Wife A novel about pride and passion, which often spins its wheels in soap opera ruts, is a trip worth taking.
Treasure Hunt A novel about an unconventional preacher that offers a sturdy, expansive, daring, and very appealing vision of the Christian faith; one that is thumpingly alive with wonder.