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Our Lady of the Forest Shows how the yearning for connection with God is the real miracle in sightings of the Virgin Mary.
From Within the Heart of God Michael Dwinell reimagining Jesus feeding of the 5,000.
Mindful Movements Thich Nhat Hanh on being present and its benefit of mindfulness.
The Spontaneous Fulfillment of Desire Deepak Chopra on paying attention to coincidences.
Unexpected Miracles Explores meaningful coincidences as moments when destiny summons us to move.
A Book of Miracles Bernie Siegel on how all living things have the potential to create miracles.
The Heart Is a Little to the Left William Sloane Coffin on the meanings of the miracles of Jesus.
Turtle Moon Celebrates the surprises that can transform our lives.
Upon This Rock Samuel Freedman on how a charismatic preacher reaches men of a congregation with a sermon about resurrection.
Forgive & Forget Lewis B. Smedes on the spiritual practice of forgiveness, looming large in our private and public lives.