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Night on the Sand A story about two refugees who find that mutual sharing and caring provide vital support amid catastrophic displacement.
Lola's Fandango An enchanting children's picture book about a little girl who finds an outlet for her creativity and passion in flamenco dancing.
Read Me a Story, Stella An inspiring children's picture book about a smart little girl who shares what she learns from the books she reads with her inquisitive younger brother.
Sassy Sisters vs The Sock Monster A story of sisterly cooperation to solve a problem that has plagued humanity for as long as we've had clothes dryers.
Antoinette A poodle puppy comes into her own as a heroine on the streets of Paris.
Alphonse, That Is Not OK to Do! A delightful story about two siblings who use drawings to express themselves.
Picture My Day A children's scapbook that engenders the spiritual practice of gratitude.
Home A companion to the novel Gilead explores familial conflict, the difficulty of forgiveness and the home as a sacred place where anything is possible.
Self, Struggle & Change Mines the meanings of these biblical texts.
Mindful Day A gentle, attentive journey through the simple activities of a family's day.