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Stalking the Divine Reveals the strange and wonderful ways God moves through the prayers of others into ever new avenues of grace.
Holy Clues Reveals the great detective as a Zen master of attention.
The Ceremonial Circle Rituals to stop the world and put people in touch with the spirit, the good earth, and others.
Living Prayer A call for us to weave all the strands of our experience together around a dialogue with God.
There Is A God, There Is No God John Kirvan on going where only love can go.
Velvet Elvis Rob Bell on why we need to ask more big questions of our big God.
Aging with a Laugh and a Prayer Bernadette McCarver Snyder on the fact that wisdom has to be earned and learned repeatedly.
The Right Questions Ten pathways to personal transformation.
Sacred Journey A buoyant and Spirit-filled collection of meditations on living under the graceful auspices of God.
Moshkel Gosha A description of the integrative power of an ancient parable about a bush-digger and his daughter.