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Grounded Aware Presence in Nature An exercise using focused attention as you wander with wonder.
Cultivating Wonder Wisdom about care, fragility, strength, and cultivating the seeds of wonder.
The Speechless Wonder of Awe An invitation to slow down and be awed by the commonplace.
Birthday of Jacques Cousteau (PDP) Remembering the marine explorer and recommitting to the preservation of the seas to which he called us.
The World Before Your Feet Fascinating documentary about a zealot, the turf he loves, and his gift of wonder.
A Seizure of Happiness Mary Oliver's nature mysticism and citizenry with all things.
Robert Bly - Collected Poems A poem by Robert Bly on an encounter with a tree.
Good Morning, Snowplow! A bedtime story that looks forward to the plow's overnight adventures before a bright new day.
A Universal Christmas Embracing the wonder and magic of the Christmas spirit.
Advent and Holiday E-Courses A collection of holiday opportunities for spiritual retreat.