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The Inside Story Embodiment tools for loving your maturing self.
I Am Quiet An acknowledgment that a quiet child can be vibrant and bold.
Another Appalachia Growing up Asian American, queer, and Hindu in rural America.
Mapping the Mind An exercise to help us move from the small mind to Being Awareness.
Body Becoming A master course on understanding every body.
The Art of Solitude On realizing that everything you need is right before you, already in you.
Who You Are On the tendency to inflate who we are, be deflated in turn, and on the value of taking the middle way between not-enoughness and too-muchness.
Character Development A practice to enhance one's character by examining the soul.
Why Can't Church Be More Like an AA Meeting? An example of the affirmations common in 12-Step programs.
God Is a Black Woman Knocking over the idol of the white male god.