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Primo Levi's Journey
A thoughtful and insightful Italian documentary that retraces writer Primo Levi's 1945 trip from Poland to Italy after he was liberated from Auschwitz; it contains a fascinating glimpse of post-communist Europe.
God Grew Tired of Us
An inspiring documentary about three immigrants from the Sudan and their strong connection to their African roots and values.
Gypsy Caravan
An entertaining and edifying documentary about the music and lives of a group of gypsy performers from four countries on an international concert tour.
Shut Up and Sing
A rousing documentary that salutes freedom of speech and the resiliency and creativity of the Dixie Chicks.
Saint of 9/11
An extraordinary documentary about Father Mychal Judge who followed his natural caring impulse into a life of compassionate service of others.
Jesus Camp
A frightening and important documentary about the training of evangelical children soldiers in the culture wars.
Vajra Sky Over Tibet
An extraordinary and enthralling documentary about the richness of traditional Tibetan Buddhism and the current threats to its continued existence in its homeland.
I Like Killing Flies
A colorful and offbeat documentary about Kenny Shopsin, a cook, entrepreneur, and raconteur in a popular Greenwich Village restaurant.
A playful documentary about crossword puzzle-heads that is a total delight from start to finish.
Salvador Allende
A heartfelt documentary about Salvador Allende, the charismatic and idealist leader of Chile who sought to bring a fair and free world to his people.