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Digging In Tutors us in the art of really knowing the place where we live and celebrating the wonders in our own backyards.
The Path of Prayer Explores devotion as a mansion with many different and splendid rooms.
Writing in the Dust Some of the difficult lessons that can be learned from this tragedy.
Becoming Christ Essentials of this devotional practice as a key to divinization and the renewal of mind, body, and soul.
Simple Grace A sturdy little book about growing older with chapters on learning, remembering, simplifying, maturing, exploring, and understanding.
Reading the Bible Again for the First Time Explores the Bible's origin, authority, and interpretation.
The Sand Labyrinth Ways to make the most out of sand labyrinths.
Speaking of Sin Claims that sin is a helpful and hopeful concept for Christians.
Living the Truth Explores various facets of truth as fact, as fiction, as relationship and as mystery.
The Romance of the Word Imaginative assessments of the challenges facing Christian men and women of faith.