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Alan Jones A profile with bibliography and distinctive contributions to spirituality of Alan Jones, an Episcopal priest, founder of a Center for Christian Spirituality, and Dean of Grace Cathedral in San Francis…
Quincy A loving tribute to a fearless and legendary artist.
Melody Beattie in Seasons of Grace Gratitude enhances past, present, and future.
Learn New Things Trying something you haven't done before.
Common Prayer on Common Ground Alan Jones on a paradigm shift in monotheism that honors diversity, which has to do with hospitality.
Seasons of Grace Alan Jones's and John O'Neil's salute to gratitude as a way of keeping alert to what is happening inside and all around us, as a practice of attention.
Three Poems and an Exercise Three poems, a snippet from a novel, and an imaginative exercise all seek to open our hearts and minds to the reality of death.
Soul Making Alan Jones on living our lives from the point of view of our death in order to see with new eyes.
Reimagining Christianity Alan Jones on healing the wounded imagination.
Exploring Spiritual Direction Uses the images of battle, pilgrimage, and sacrifice to describe the essence of Christian companionship.