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Healing Body Meditations Art and connections combine as healing for the body.
Practical Wisdom from Six Legendary Yogis The fascinating lives and groundbreaking teachings of six teachers from India.
Animal Sutras A tribute to the presence of birds and their many gifts to humans.
Animal Sutras A wise and wonderful celebration of animals.
Becoming Nobody An interview with the renowned spiritual teacher on the really big questions of life.
An Appreciative Heart A story about approaching food with love and appreciation.
Seven Practices for Peace A seven-day plan to give peace a chance and to help end war through small daily practices.
Rabindranath Tagore in The Heart of God A short prayer of love.
Listening & Spontaneity A teaching story on deep listening leading to spontaneity.
In All Directions A teaching story about the Indian saint Sri Ramakrishna who worshiped in all directions.