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American Shaman The transformative power of dance to restore and heal us.
Ongoingness Realizations about time from a post-modern memoir.
The Power of Ritual Rachel Pollack on experiencing ecstatic dance.
Sheltered in the Heart Gunilla Norris on how deep friends draw out our inner music.
Help, Thanks, Wow Anne Lamott on saying "wow" in the presence of beauty, art, dance, and music.
The Shambhala Guide to Sufism An accessible and enlightening overview of this self-consciously esoteric religious path.
The Book of Qualitites Imagination personified as a visionary person.
The Dancing Goddesses Elizabeth Wayland Barber on how dance used to be the essence of life itself.
The Search for Spirituality Ursula King on the meaning of the cosmic dance.
Dancing in the Streets A survey of all kinds of festivity, ecstatic dance, and collective joy that have been attacked but not extinguished over the past 3,000 years.