"When we stand outside of our deep friendships for a moment and look in on the dancers, we would surely see the gestures, steps and patterns of each of us and how they coincide. We would see the whole gestalt between the dancers. Watching we would recognize that the dancers have given themselves to their inner music and to the dance as well as to each other. If as deep friends we give ourselves to spiritual consciousness there is a commitment present that is beyond the personal which then holds both our individual and our mutual movements in life.

"There will be many times when we do not understand something one of us says or does. Yet when we respect that we are committed to Spirit we can allow much though it may appear strange to us. We listen for the sacred tune in the other. We trust that Spirit is making music in each of us. We learn to trust that fact as much as we trust one another.

"Many things come into our lives that we do not want to dance with, yet often those discordant melodies are part of completeness. We are not to live without challenges — rather we are to dance with them — not to them.

"When we respect that our friends have given themselves to their inner music as we have done, we can better hold any difficulties, confusions or misunderstandings we might have. We continue dancing together through both suffering and bliss.

"How wordless is music! We are drawn by it into reveries and moods of all kinds. Our friendships, too, are held in a kind of vibration, a frequency of comfort and familiarity. It's not hard to sense a vibe in a moment in time or in the atmosphere of a room. We call them good vibes or bad vibes. We don't have to explain what we mean. We simply feel them.

"There are spiritual frequencies, too, that require that we sense beyond what we know and can name, beyond our likes and dislikes, our habits and preferences. Spirit asks us to be connected beyond differences. There are no explanations, no analysis, nor any particular way that can be spelled out for the way Spirit vibrates within us. We must simply respect that this interior frequency is and let the connections beyond understanding move us into more and more meaningful ways to dance with life."