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Process Theology Bruce G. Epperly on why God's grace leaves no one behind.
Process Theology An up-tempo guide to the riches of process theology with its experiential, holistic, and relational emphases.
Mending the World Rev. Bruce G. Epperly and Rabbi Lewis D. Solomon on how the Bible is a record of God's imagination.
Holy Adventure Bruce G. Epperly with a prayer, an affirmation, and a practice on forgiveness.
Holy Adventure A 41-day course challenging Christians to see themselves as co-creators with God and audacious menders of a broken world.
Finding Angels in Boulders Bruce G. Epperly and Lewis D. Solomon on experiencing God's blessings through a special gratitude walk.
Walking in the Light On ways to find healing and wholeness with God as the source.
Reiki Healing Touch and the Way of Jesus A fine overview of the role of reiki healing touch within Christian communities.
Spirituality and Health, Health and Spirituality Bruce G. Epperly on affirmations as a devotional activity.