Bruce G. Epperly is Professor of Practical Theology and Director of Continuing Education at Lancaster Theological Seminary. He is profiled as one of S&P's Living Spiritual Teachers and can be visited at He describes himself as a progressive Christian whose faith has been shaped by his evangelical roots, mystical experiences, the Christian spiritual tradition, post-modern theology, and spirituality. This book is based on 40 years of studying and trying to live out the basics of process theology.

Epperly begins with a brief look at the role of Alfred North Whitehead in the formulation of "the elegant metaphysical vision that serves as the foundation for process theology's innovative vision of God and the world." His work inspired five other leaders of this theological movement: Charles Hartshorne, Norman Pittinger, Bernard Loomer, John Cobb, and David Ray Griffin. Their theological harvest continues in the work of The Center for Process Studies in Claremont, California, which shares resources on the nature of philosophical thinking, reality as dynamic process, the relevance of interdependence, a universe of experience, a dedication to freedom and creativity, and a relational God.

In the rest of the book Epperly charts the lineaments of process theology with its focus on a truly personal God; a transforming Christology; an affirmation of Spirit and "the Dancing Trinity"; an emphasis on the human adventure; seeing faith and science as creative transformation; practicing ethics for a small planet; building a Spirit-centered church that is a home for diversity; and survival after death in a pluralistic age. With this exciting overview, Epperly enables us to believe that the future of process theology is bright given its experiential, holistic, and relational emphases.