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Kathleen Norris A profile with bibliography and distinctive contributions to spirituality of Kathleen Norris, poet, spiritual writer, and oblate of the Benedictine Order.
Dakota Kathleen Norris on how gossip can create connections in a community.
Dakota A classic study by a poet plumbing the spiritual depths of her life and the spirituality of place.
Acedia & Me Kathleen Norris on starting over after suffering from depression and acedia.
Acedia & Me An incisive and edifying memoir and meditation on acedia, a debilitating condition of the soul.
40-Day Journey with Kathleen Norris A 40-day encounter with brief quotations from the writings of Christian teacher, poet, and preacher Kathleen Norris.
Amazing Grace Kathleen Norris on openness.
The Cloister Walk A spiritual memoir recounting the poet's experiences at a Benedictine monastery.
Letting Go of Second Guessing God Shares her enthusiasm for the beauties and bounties of monastic life.