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Richard Rohr A profile with bibliography and distinctive contributions to spirituality of Richard Rohr, a Franciscan priest who is the founder of The Center for Action and Contemplation and an internationally know…
The Universal Christ A rumination on questions raised by what about Jesus is included in the Apostles' Creed.
The Universal Christ A contemplative Christian's reconceptualizing of the Christ Mystery.
Richard Rohr - Essential Teachings on Love Teachings from a Franciscan priest designed to awaken us to the awareness that love is the foundation of everything.
The Divine Dance Reminders and a prayer for being here now.
The Divine Dance A world-class tour and assessment of the Trinity as a concept of God attuned to the relational nature of reality.
What the Mystics Know A mining of the spiritual nature of mysticism to retrieve precious gems of truth.
Carry All Those You Meet in Your Heart Carry All Those You Meet in Your Heart
Eager to Love Richard Rohr on how love is very real spiritual energy.
Eager to Love A robust and revelatory portrait of Francis and Clare.