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The Natural An involving story about baseball as myth and growing ground for heroes.
Man of the Year A political comedy that capitalizes on several bizarre trends in contemporary American politics.
Bandits A witty comedy about two vagabond souls who savor risk and play as the elixir of life.
Liberty Heights Coming to terms with the other (whether stranger, enemy, or alien) is as critical to the development of tbe soul now as it was in the 1950s,
Sphere A sci-fi thriller that presents a riveting and rounded anatomy of fear.
Wag the Dog Explores how the deliberate creation of unreality has become one of the most salient aspects of life in our times.
Disclosure A riveting film about what it takes to preserve your soul in the working arena.
Avalon A richly detailed and lovingly developed film about family feeling.
Rain Man An Academy Award-winning film starring Dustin Hoffman as an autistic savant and Tom Cruise as his narcissistic brother who form a genuine relationship.
Good Morning, Vietnam A comedy about life in the military that has more on its mind than laughs.