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Brenda Shoshanna A profile with bibliography and distinct spiritual contributions of Brenda Shoshanna, psychologist and therapist, Zen practitioner, and counselor, speaker, and workshop leader on relationships and car…
Just Grab The Dust Rag Brenda Shoshanna on a practice that teaches how a giver and a receiver become one.
Just Grab The Dust Rag Lessons learned in 40 years of Zen practice in New York City.
A Natural Law of Magnetism Welcoming what life has to offer you
Not Lashing Out Anger as a poisonous counterfeit rush.
Life Is One Continuous Mistake Accepting your failings.
Feel the Air on Your Face A pause to ask what the excitement is about.
How Does Anger Manifest? Paying attention to what makes you angry.
Pain Is Simply Pain Accepting painful moments.
Entering a Zendo Paying attention to our feet.