Trained in psychoanalytic, psychodynamic, humanistic, and transpersonal approaches, Dr. Brenda Shoshanna has spent almost 30 years working as a psychologist who integrates Zen practice into everything she does, including working with clients. In her practice, she focuses on an individual's gifts and strengths. She believes that as these aspects grow stronger, defenses fall away by themselves. Shoshanna is dedicated to integrating psychology and spirituality and applying it to everyday life. She has taught at Adelphi University, Marymount College, Barnard, and has offered more than 500 talks and workshops on all aspects of psychology, spirituality, fulfilling one's potential, and creating authentic peace of mind.

The mother of four grown children, she has spent many years close to family and friends, and also working as a playwright in theater. A theme she continually deals with in her writing, life, and heart is how to bring peace and reconciliation, not only between individuals, but among the different religions.

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  • Insights into Zen Buddhism and Judaism
  • Excellent spiritual practices for daily application to life's challenges
  • Commentaries on the spiritual meanings of everyday life