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Pure Awareness A meditation to help you identify with your Higher Self rather than your mind and senses.
Retiring Our Doer Contemplative questions for just being instead of doing.
Love Alone A mystical breath practice from James Finley.
Spirit works in us Spirit works in us
Seasons of Life A mindfulness practice for embracing the cycle of life.
Loving Your Shadow Characters Spiritual practices for loving your shadow side.
The Inner Work of Age A toolkit of perspectives and practices for older people on re-imagining life as a purpose-filled elder.
The Siren & The Self How to distinguish the voices of our shadow characters from the voice of the Self.
Meeting and Romancing Your Shadow An e-course on illuminating the dark side of the soul.
A Moth to the Flame A novel about how Rumi's life was transformed through his relationship with the wandering dervish Shams of Tabriz.