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David Whyte A profile with bibliography and distinctive contributions to spirituality of David Whyte. poet, artist, workshop leader, and corporate consultant.
These few words are enough These few words are enough
The Three Marriages David Whyte on vulnerability as a door through which we walk into self-understanding.
What to Remember When Waking The poet and philosopher's questions that send us into the arms of meaning.
The Three Marriages An engaging and imaginative examination of the triumphs and tragedies of human belonging.
Crossing the Unknown Sea David Whyte ponders the high cost of working fast in a time when speed is highly valued.
The Heart Aroused A poignant, poetic and practical exploration of making use of imagination at work.
The Heart Aroused Insights about firsthand experience as our primary touchstone.
Clear Mind, Wild Heart Clear Mind, Wild Heart: Finding Courage and Clarity Through Poetry by David Whyte uses poetry as a probe to explore the soul's desires, passions, struggles, and changes.
Crossing the Unknown Sea Examines the union of work and soul, yearning and satisfaction.