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Confronting Our Guests: Moving from Certainty to Curiosity Advice on how to be receptive and curious in our conversations.
Cultivating attentive presence invites us Cultivating attentive presence invites us
Re-creating a Life A format for telling and listening to life stories.
Re-creating a Life A guide to personal storytelling, packed with prompts, for sharing with a community.
Nurturing Awareness of What You Hold Sacred A reflection on what you experience as sacred.
Seeking Inner Guidance Guidance for discerning the next step when facing important decisions.
Letting Go of I for You A reflection on letting go of your own needs for a greater good.
Retelling Our Stories A story-telling process that allows people to share the narrative of their life's journey.
Sacred Holding A method of cultivating compassion towards oneself which helps facilitate transformative conversations.
Conversation - The Sacred Art A timely, wise, and practical paperback on the spiritual practice of conversation.