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The Seed of Compassion An autobiography of the Dalai Lama's growth in compassion.
I Pray For A More Loving Human Family The Dalai Lama's prayer for a more loving human family.
Transforming Our Reactions to Enemies Meditation to develop equanimity.
Create a Mission Statement Incentive for identifying how your work contributes to your community and nation.
A Call for Revolution His Holiness the Dalai Lama on needed realizations and commitments.
A Call for Revolution A challenge to this generation of youth to care for the earth and develop their capacity for compassion.
Giving and Taking A meditation technique for forgiving enemies
Seven Rounds A meditation for contemplating our relationship with seven groups of people.
Opponents as Teachers How the forces that oppose you can teach inner strength, courage, and determination.
Removing Bias through Equanimity A set of steps to contemplate in order to transform reactions.