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The eight principle faults as outlined by Cassian The eight principle faults as outlined by Cassian
James G. Cowan A profile with bibliography and distinctive contributions to spirituality of James G. Cowan, novelist and poet, world traveler and advocate of Aboriginal traditions.
Messengers of the Gods James G. Cowan on learning important truths from native seers.
Desert Father Presents the author's quest to learn from the ascetic practices of a fourth century hermit who was a pioneer of spirit.
Letters From a Wild State James G. Cowan on the meaning of wild simplicities.
Desert Father
Desert Father Asceticism described as a spirit of restraint.
Messengers of the Gods Interviews with native seers who believe in the intertwining of the material and the metaphysical worlds.
Letters From a Wild State Celebrates the wisdom of Australian aboriginals.
The Elements of the Aboriginal Tradition A brief but illuminating overview of the spirituality of Australian Aborigine culture in relationship to nature and rituals.