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Night on Earth A clever glimpse of the human condition via taxi drivers and their passengers in five different cities.
Only Lovers Left Alive A creative and touching story about a romantic, wise, and witty vampire couple.
Stranger Than Paradise A whimsical picaresque tale.
Broken Flowers An anatomy of a middle-aged burned-out man who is led unwillingly to a place where he can get in touch with his feelings.
Mystery Train An entertaining slice of modern life in the town celebrated as Elvis Presley's home.
Paterson A tribute to the life and times of a bus driver, poet, and master of everyday spirituality.
Dead Man A visionary Western with interesting bits on the myth of the frontier, violence, and artistic outlaws.
Coffee and Cigarettes A delightful and whimsical confection by Jim Jarmusch about American culture, addiction, envy, and humor.