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Paterson A tribute to the life and times of a bus driver, poet, and master of everyday spirituality.
Only Lovers Left Alive A creative and touching story about a romantic, wise, and witty vampire couple.
Broken Flowers An anatomy of a middle-aged burned-out man who is led unwillingly to a place where he can get in touch with his feelings.
Coffee and Cigarettes A delightful and whimsical confection by Jim Jarmusch about American culture, addiction, envy, and humor.
Dead Man A visionary Western with interesting bits on the myth of the frontier, violence, and artistic outlaws.
Night on Earth A clever glimpse of the human condition via taxi drivers and their passengers in five different cities.
Mystery Train An entertaining slice of modern life in the town celebrated as Elvis Presley's home.
Stranger Than Paradise A whimsical picaresque tale.