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Queen and Country A sequel to Hope and Glory set in postwar England that proves to be an impressive coda to English writer/director John Boorman's illustrious career.
In My Country A bold drama set in South Africa that salutes forgiveness and restorative justice as alternatives to revenge and the continuing cycle of violence.
The Tailor of Panama A clever, consistently engaging thriller with complex characters who struggle with various alterations of the truth.
The General A notorious Irish crime lord serves as a mirror for the worst that is in others in this psychologically rich drama.
Beyond Rangoon An American doctor in Burma who discovers the wild woman inside as she squares off against incredible physical and mental challenges.
Hope and Glory An energetic, imaginative, and richly human drama set in suburban London during World War II.
The Emerald Forest A drama about the clash between an Amazonian rainforest tribe with an ecological ethic and modern corporate interests who measure everything by progress.
Excalibur English film director John Boorman's spellbinding dramatization of the Arthurian myth.
Deliverance A violent and vivid parable about a band of city slickers who are menaced in the wilderness.