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Serenity Prayers A poem about serenity or inner peace by Katherine Swarts.
Serenity Prayers A poem by Zoraida Rivera Morales about wonder.
Serenity Prayers June Cotner's poem on the nature and enigma of joy.
Garden Blessings A poem about the joys gardeners experience.
Forever in Love A poem by Susan R. Norton on love.
Serenity Prayers June Cotner's poem on the spiritual practice of faith.
Forever in Love A sampler of love poems by Susan Landon and Ann Reisfeld Boutte.
Forever in Love A wonderful collection of poems on the different shades of love in a meaningful relationship.
Dog Blessings A blessing for dogs by Rev. Phyllis Ann Min.
Pocket Prayers 36 prayer cards that can be carried in a purse or pocket and used in everyday life.