The perfect toast is a soulful expression that blends joy, meaning, and celebration. It can uplift and inspire people. In her 31st book, June Cotner has been joined by Nancy Tupper Ling as editor of a handy resource which covers toasts for a wedding, anniversary, job promotion, birthday, bon voyage, holidays, and many other occasions.

Here are a few of our favorites:

For an adventure:
"To adventures—
when you keep an open mind,
they can be found where you least expect them."
- Barb Mayer

For creativity:
"You are always on your way to a miracle."
- Sark

For delight in the stream of life:
"Let us bless the flow of life
that rewards us, sustains us,
and brings us to this time."
- Marcia Falk

For those embarking on a journey:
"May the long time sun shine upon you,
all love surround you, and the pure light
within you guide you all the way on."
- traditional blessing

For guests:
"May our paths always intersect,
and may our hearts always beat together."
- Judy Ackley Brown