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Passion makes the old medicine new Passion makes the old medicine new
Rumi - Living a Spiritual Life Commentaries and audio meditations revealing the universal spiritual teaching in Rumi's unforgettable metaphors.
Rumi in The Rumi Collection That which God said to the rose
Giving thanks for abundance Giving thanks for abundance
God put desire in man and woman God put desire in man and woman
The Wisdom of Muhammad A welcoming study of the compassionate, flexible, and noble character of the Prophet Muhammad.
The Rumi Collection A treasure trove of spiritual gems that will delight avid Rumi fans and extend his audience even more among the uninitiated.
Rumi Daylight 365 selections from the first two books of Rumi's Mathnawi translated by Kabir and Camille Helminski.
Jewels of Remembrance A rich and highly devotional daybook that tutors us in the Sufi path.
Rumi Use Rumi's insights to shed light on your relationships.