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Kristin Ritzau Biographical profile of a contributor to Spirituality & Practice.
Participate in a Co-op Encouragement to join and be an active part of a cooperative.
Bridge the Gap A recommendation to learn each other's stories and put ourselves in each other's shoes.
Follow the Money Grounds for fact-checking political claims and knowing their financial source.
Go Interest-Free An invitation to consider the merits and applicability of an interest-free equity finance system.
Give to Charities Suggestions for making charitable giving a habit.
Practice Socially Responsible Economics A call to love neighbor as self in how we spend and invest.
Trace the Journey An exercise to bring together your consideration of patriotism, nationalism, and globalism with an everyday item in your life.
Be Thrifty Consideration of what being thrifty means to you and yours.
Cultivate Financial Literacy Tips for making sure every member of the family understands personal spending and government spending.