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Work as if you were monks praying in a monastery Work as if you were monks praying in a monastery
Margaret Guenther A profile with bibliography and distinctive contributions to spirituality of Margaret Guenther, Episcopal priest, spiritual director, author, and retreat leader.
Margaret Guenther in My Soul in Silence Waits Julian of Norwich talks of putting on God
Walking Home Meditations on the spiritual journey of leaving home, leaving exile, and traveling through unknown territory.
Just Passing Through Salty and wise observations of the Resident Crone at St. Columba's Church in Washington, D.C.
At Home in the World Illuminating suggestions for creating a rich and flexible rule of life for these tense times.
My Soul in Silence Waits Eight soulful meditations on presence, waiting on God, and living prayerfully and patiently.
The Practice of Prayer Challenges us to see our kitchens, our place of work, and our classrooms as divine milieus where prayer comes alive.
Toward Holy Ground Wonderfully delineates the paths which can lead to fruition and fulfillment after middle age.
Holy Listening A pioneering work about the practice of spiritual direction.